Taking "The Road Less Traveled"

Like many film makers and photographers I've got a lot of gear.  But my favorite piece of "kit" is my Chevy Explorer Conversion Van.  I've removed the rear seats so it has plenty of room for a huge stack of cases full of gear, props, wardrobe and more.  And it still seats 4 in comfort.   It's ideal for traveling around town or throughout the country while working on projects. 

 I've driven this van in New York City traffic and in Idaho snowstorms.   From the beaches of Cape Cod (with tires inches below sea level) to across the Colorado Rockies (12,183 feet above sea level).  This van is a rugged and convenient way to carry crew and gear to any location.

Just another reason I'm called "Pick up and go, Joe."

Cameras I Own

Canon C100 MK II

Canon C300 MK I

Sony NX5U (2)

Canon 7D MKII (2)

Canon 1DX

Canon 1D MKIII

Canon Cinema CN-E Zoom lenses   18-80 and 70-200.

Canon prime EF lenses:  15mm, 20mm, 28mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, 200mm, 300mm (both f2.8 and f4 versions)

Canon EF zoom  lenses: 11-24 f4, 24-105f2.8, 24-105mm f4, 16-40mm, 70-200mm (both f4 and 2.8 versions)

Small HD AC7 Monitor

Atomos Shogun Inferno Kit

(FYI: I have operational familiarity with many more cameras.)



Arri tungsten kit--150, 300 & 600 watt units.

F&V high color led kit - 3 Z400 Ultracoloor 1x1 panels 

Profoto Strobe lighting (stills)

Various lights from Lowell and others.



Sennheiser G3 wireless kits with Sanken COS-11 lavalieres (2).

Rhode NT3 shotgun.

Boompole and windscreen.

Audio Technica Shotgun and wired lavalieres.

Sound Devices 552 mixer recorder.

Zoom F8 Mixer/Recorder.


Other production gear

Kessler Cineslider

Kessler jib with heavy Kessler Hercules tripod

Various Manfrotto, Sachtler tripods and heads.

A copious collection of light stands, C stands, high boy stands, Matthews scrim cloth,  flags and more.